Vintage Enamel Tea Pot

When I enter a vintage shop or maybe a garage sale, I feel like stepping into another world. I smell and taste a world from the past, a world long gone, but still present in our hearts and homes. All these things for sale there belonged to somebody and have their own story to tell. You only need to want to listen to it. This Vintage Enamel Tea Pot come from the mid twentieth century and looks really great with all its whiteness and red edges, with its enameled exterior and vintage design. It is simple and neat and looks great.

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This combination of white and red is amazing and the colours look great together. Besides, the old- fashioned material used for the tea pot and the enamel on it bring a certain rustic air to your kitchen and the tea will get a special flavour in it. I admit I like it because it feels like a breath of fresh air in the modern kitchen where everything is made of plastic and steel and where this special tea pot changes the whole picture on the spot. Thsi vintage tea pot can now be ordered directly online for the fair price of $45.