Vintage bicycle planter

A lot of people like to have plants in an around their houses. They love to give gardens and to take care of them, to find new ideas of decorating and placing them. So a structure so bold and beautiful like this one will be appreciated by someone who really cares about plants.

Bicycle Planter

It’s a vintage bicycle made from wrought iron and its main purpose is to provide a structure for small plants. It features multiple looped wire baskets placed on the handlebars, on the seat and over the sturdy which provide space for six small plants. The dimensions of this piece are 42″ long x 17″ wide x 27″ high. It would make a great addition to an outdoor garden or to a farm, but because the shape is so unusual you have the liberty of placing it anywhere you want, as long as the plants feel happy. Think out of the box and the results will be surprisingly good.This vintage bicycle planter it’s available for 249$.