Vineyard by Pack a& Rack

A wine rack is one of those things that you don’t necessarily need in your home but that become extremely useful once you have it. A wine rack is a wonderful addition to the kitchen as well to the dining room or living area. Besides being very useful in terms of storage, they can also become beautiful accessories for your home. For example, a simple wine rack that lets the wine bottles be the stars of its designs would be a wonderful addition to any home.


You’ll be able to display your wine bottles in a very beautiful way and you’ll also know that they’re somewhere safe where you can easily find them. We’re talking about wine rack designs like this one. This is basically just a wooden shelf. It gets attached to the wall and you can place it wherever you want. Find a spot where you have some free space and display this minimalist wine rack. Mount it on a wall in the kitchen or somewhere else.





This wine rack is very versatile, despite its simple design. You can mount it on the wall in a variety of positions. Place it horizontally but also put it oblique for a more interesting visual effect. The rack can hold up to six bottles of wine but you can very well store less than that. Use the remaining space for displaying a small pot of flowers or other decorations. There’s also space for wine glasses.