Villeroy & Boch French Garden Shell Relish Dishes

We live in a fast moving society and we are so busy at work and at home that we allow little time and attention to our meals. So many of us just go to the fast food or order some pizza and that’s all. But I think it is very important to make our meals more important, paying more attention to the contents of our meals first and after that to the way our food looks. I think the most important part of having healthy food for dinner is their presentation. These Villeroy & Boch French Garden Shell Relish Dishes will make any food look amazing and will make any dinner festive.

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These fine dishes are made of porcelain and they are perfect for a festive family dinner or a party. You can use them for displaying olives, nuts, peanuts, sweets and anything you might add on the table and they will only emphasize the look and presentation. The dishes are sold in sets of four and can have different sizes. They are shaped like shells, which makes them lovely and good looking.

They have a simple design, but perfect for any dinner table, as they are white with a green trimming and have a very appealing cherry pattern on. The dishes are so delicate and stylish and have a special spot where to be held, which is supposed to be the place where the half of the shell links to the other half. You can now purchase the whole set for $104 at Bloomingdale’s.