Luxury Villas Capture The Amazing Vietnamese Ocean Views

The Ocean Villas were designed by MM+ Architects and are located in Mui Ne on the southern coast of Vietnam, an area dominated by large resorts and hotels. This cluster of three luxury beach villas offer either 3 or 4 bedrooms to those interested to spend their vacation in this amazing part of the world.


Sliding doors on both levels open the interior spaces to the beautiful views and the fresh surroundings. The villas are built 6 feet above beach level in order to ensure maximum privacy for those relaxing inside.


Palm trees are grass form a buffer zone between the villas and the street, sheltering them from all the noise and traffic.


Each villa has its own infinity pool as well as a chic lounge area on the deck. Renters can relax outdoors, unwind while admiring the views and the beach, all while enjoying their privacy.


The outdoor spaces are definitely beautiful. The villas also have back yards which separate them from the public beach and provide fresh views for the interior spaces. Moreover, an outdoor shower makes all those hot summer days a lot more enjoyable.

Oceanique Villas Vietnam view from front1

The interior is divided into two zones. The ground floor contains the kitchen, the dining and the living spaces. It has floor-to-ceiling windows and glass walls which ensure a seamless indoor-outdoor connection and it also has access to the outdoor patio.


The living space is very simple and has little furniture, allowing the focus to fall on the stunning views and the landscape.


The wooden coffee table adds a bit of warmth to an otherwise neutral and minimalistic space. A variety of wooden elements can also be seen throughout the villas in various forms and they offer the spaces an earthy and natural atmosphere.


The kitchen layout in all the villas is simple and it has an open design and a simple color palette based mostly on whites. This ensures a very fresh and airy ambiance throughout.


Another detail which makes the kitchen look so fresh and vibrant is the fact that there are numerous indoor garden areas throughout the villas.

Oceanique Villas Vietnam view from front1
Oceanique Villas Vietnam view from front1

The indoor staircase in particular is special in this sense. It’s flanked by private garden areas and open to the outdoors and adds a tropical look to the villas in general.


The second zone is the upper level on each of the three villas which is the private area occupied by the bedrooms. The master bedroom opens onto the deck and pool area. The bed’s headboard extends to form a desk and both the bed and the desk are oriented towards the pool and the deck, facing the views of the sea beyond.


But the other bedrooms are really beautiful as well. They have floor-to-ceiling glass walls which allow them to offer panoramic and uninterrupted views of the sea and the beach.


The bathrooms on the upper floor have wooden shutters which let in plenty of natural light while offering them privacy and making the space feel relaxing and welcoming. In addition to that, the bathrooms are also linked to beautiful indoor vegetation and small ponds.


Overall, the architectural design of the villas allows them to stand out and, at the same time, to perfectly integrate into this particular area defined by luxury.

Oceanique Villas Vietnam view from front1