Villa transformed into an indoor skate park

When you have a strong passion for something you should pursue that path and make it a part of your life. For example, if you like skateboarding, you should take some inspiration from this house. This is the Skate Villa. It’s located in Salzburg, Austria and it was a project by Philipp Schuster. The professional skateboarder managed to turn an apparently ordinary space into a themed home. He transformed it into an indoor skate park.

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The idea is definitely unusual but this is what makes it so special and unique. The Skate Villa features concrete mounds and ramps placed against the wall and these are all details meant to allow the user to basically skate around the house. It’s a way of doing what you like best without feeling restricted by anything, not even by your home. All Philipp Schuster needed to create his own piece of heaven was a few tons of concrete and some inside knowledge.

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Inside, you can see ramps and concrete mounds everywhere, against the walls, underneath the windows and around the fireplace. Of course, such a special home couldn’t be complete without a proper interior décor. The ramps are just the starting point. Everything else has to match the theme. For that to happen, the owner decided to redecorate the whole house. He then filled it with vintage furniture, antiques and hunting trophies. They all look beautiful and they reflect the owner’s passions and preferences.{found on dezeen}.