Villa Midgård in Sweden by DAPstockholm

Villa Midgård is a beautiful contemporary house designed by Stockholm-based studio DAPstockholm. Completed in 2011 and located in Stockholm, Sweden, this residence is set into the inclining landscape.

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The clients wanted a solid, secluded house with maintenance-free facade and a way to fully benefit from natural light. In order to do so the architects chose to build a multi-faceted house where the volumes are based on the terrain, light conditions, views and privacy. It has seven different facades and a unique character. The most impressive thing about it is the swimming pool that has its surface located on the deck of the upper ground level, but a large window in its concrete side faces visitors arriving on the floor below.

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The house interior exhibits materials that are close to nature such as walnut, ceramic granite and marble. Moreover, you can see a mixture of rustic and modern elements which give it an eclectic feel. The floor to ceiling windows offer you gorgeous views and tones of natural light. The color palette is kept simple and creates a sleek space. What’s more the house features modern furnishings and upscale stainless steel appliances.

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Villa Midgård is a lovely place that has superb views, beautiful features and unique elements. It is a sanctuary to retreat to. What do you think?