Villa Linnanmaki in Somero, Finland

The architecture of Villa Linnanmaki is designed in the area of open field, and lakes, with the wide strip of woods. The building is constructed in such manner between path ways with tree. The route of this starts from the corner of the edge and is combined with sauna, which takes to the lake shore of the field. The buildings are given the finishing of   timber, pine and other ingredients. The building is provided with the entrance towards the lake which is closed in the directions of the open fields and the construction of the building is natural.

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Villa Linnanmaki5

The architecture of Villa Linnanmaki with wide area space is outwards to be a part of the yard.  The leaf like architecture of the trees gives the shades from the long summer. The place for the heating for the fire and wet area are designed with some wall and with proper planning it gives the best effective look.{ Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Architects }