Secluded villa in Nagano features four roofs and stunning views

A typical house, whether it’s tiny or huge, modern or rustic, has a well-defined structure: a frame which encloses the interior spaces, walls, windows and a roof. Well this description doesn’t work for Villa – K.

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The villa is located in Karuizawa, Nagano, in Japan. It was designed and built by Cell Space Architects and it has a very interesting and unusual structure. As you can see, there’s one a single floor level throughout the house. There are actually four different levels and, as a result, 4 roofs.

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The site is located on a hilltop so the views are actually wonderful. Surrounded by beautiful trees and vegetation, the house is like a private little retreat perfect for contemplation and relaxation. The large windows and glass walls create a strong connection with the outdoors.

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Large windows and glass walls are situated on different levels and connect the different floor levels. At the same time, they offer 360 degree views. The inner spaces are divided into four volumes and they are all organized in a spiral around the central pillar.

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Small staircases connect the four levels. In certain cases there are no walls between these volumes so, even though there’s this different in floor level the spaces are open and connected.

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Having four different roofs on the same house is definitely unusual. You can see here how they are connected to one another. Sunlight enters through the slits formed between the roofs and highlights the division of the inner spaces.

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Since the location and the views play an important role in this case, maintaining a very simple interior design was also important. This way the beautiful outdoors get to be the center of attention. The interior décor is minimalist and modern, featuring neutral colors and simple materials.

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Posted in Architecture on June 28, 2010

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