You know not to eat them and the label says to throw them away, but did you know there are some amazing ways to re-use the little silica gel packets that come inside so many things we buy? Silica gel is a desiccant, meaning it absorbs moisture, which makes it useful in lots of ways. Save your little packets in an airtight container as you find them. Packing a damp bathing suit? Put a few packets in a plastic bag with the suit to keep things from smelling moldy. Stinky sneakers? Stick a few packets in each shoe to help absorb the odor-causing moisture. Try storing a razor in a plastic bag with some silica gel packets to keep the blades from rusting. Toss a few of the packets in with your precious family photos to prevent them from sticking together or yellowing. Or, put a few in your silverware drawer to help keep cutlery shiny.