Victorian Toilet Transformed Into A Restaurant

It might seem odd that a toilet or bathroom could become a restaurant but, apparently, it’s quite popular and common. Of course, when you think about it, it doesn’t really matter what that space used to be. All it matters is what it is now. However, on the other hand, that location was chosen specifically because it used to a toilet so this aspect is important. But let’s focus on the actual project and forget about the motivation.

The attendant cafe in london

This is the Attendant Restaurant. It’s located under Foley Street in London. This space used to be a Victorian toilet from the 1890s. You can still see some of the original features of the bathroom. They have been preserved in the interior décor as a mark of the past and of the history of that place. The walls of this space are covered in white tiles, a feature that has been preserved during the renovation.

The attendant cafe in london1

The attendant cafe in london2

The attendant cafe in london3

The attendant cafe in london4

The attendant cafe in london5

The attendant cafe in london6

The white tiled walls are actually not that bad. They made the space seem larger and brighter. To give it a more elegant and distinguished look, the space has been illuminated with delicate light fixtures. Even though it’s true that some of the preserved elements are not exactly increasing one’s appetite, they are part of this space’s charm and character. This definitely makes the Attendant Restaurant a unique place where you can enjoy a cup of tea, coffee and a sandwich. It’s one of those restaurants that impress more with their history and background than with the actual design or services.