8 Ways To Add Color To Your Kitchen On A Budget

Not all home renovations have to break the budget and the most efficient way to change a room’s décor is by using color. The kitchen is a great place for vibrant décor accents. It needs color to look fresh and full of energy. Add color to your kitchen without making a big fuss using these ideas.

A colorful backsplash.

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A vibrant kitchen backsplash will energize the whole room. There are numerous possibilities. Install tiles each featuring a different color and make a colorful mosaic or pick a single color you like and go with that. You can even play with patterns.

A colorful corner.

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You can only focus on one corner of the kitchen and let the vibrant colors disperse their beauty throughout the room. Design a cozy breakfast nook or a dining corner and include some colorful chairs, some lovely pillows and window treatments and even a cabinet that features a bold look.

Vibrant-colored chairs.

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If your kitchen has a dining area or a small breakfast space, take the opportunity to include some bold-colored chairs in colors such as sunny yellow, turquoise, red, green, etc. You can also do the same thing with bar stools.

Rich colors for the cabinets.

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You can also introduce color into the room through the big pieces such as the kitchen cabinets. You can have them all painted a rich color or you can only use this idea for the top or bottom ones if you want to create some sort of contrast.

Paint an accent wall.

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You can easily bring color into a room by painting one of the walls a bold and eye-catching color. If it’s a rich shade one wall should be enough and you can leave the others white or neutral. Pick the walls that has the fewest accessories on it. In some cases, two or more walls can look just as great painted a rich tone.

Cheery accents in key areas.

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You only need a few touches of color to make the kitchen look cheerful and fresh. Instead of painting the entire walls, you can paint trims around the windows and doors or come up with some other sort of strategy that allows you to only add color in strategic areas.

Define the spaces with color.

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The kitchen is often divided into several key areas. Define these spaces using color. Add a light fixture that feature n eye-catching detail to your prep area or paint the floor different colors to better distinguish them. Area rugs can also be used and you can also include colored accessories.

Use contrasting colors for outdoor kitchens.

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If you use colors such as brown or green for an outdoor kitchen it won’t stand out that much because those shade are already normally found in nature. Instead, use tones that you don’t normally see out here like coral or a special shade of pink.{found on sandykoepkeinteriordesign}.

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Posted in How To, Tips, and Advice on October 15, 2010

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