Vessel Lavatory with LED Lighting

My six and a half years old is very preoccupied now with saving the planet, so she tries everything she can to save energy and to consume only a limited amount of energy in order not to overheat the planet. I admit i find it rather amusing, but I encourage her, because she is very innocent and she really believes in her pursuit, so it is great to see a child her age doing this. That is why I came to the point of saving energy. That is what stopped me for a moment when I saw this interesting Vessel Lavatory with LED Lighting on Toto website.

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This is  a nice looking bathroom sink, apart from a detail that makes it amazing: it can light in the dark. Well, it may sound incredible, but this lavatory has a LED system incorporated and the light is triggered by the movement. There is a motion sensor incorporated and the latest technology, so you may say it is a smart sink. It is made of a transparent , actually semi-clear epoxy resin and this allows the light inside to get out. You can use this lavatory without having to switch on the bathroom lights, so it is great. It is very strong and highly scratch resistant and has an antiscald thermostatic mixing valve. The LED system is AC powered and the faucet is electronic.