Vespa Chairs by bel&bel

The ‘vespa chair’ looks strange as this Spanish design from bel&bel is made from original pieces which is put on the chair from a famous scooter from Piaggio called the Vespa. This limited edition rotating chair uses the front shield of the vespa scooter. Upholstered in leather this chair has a strong interior structure along with a hydrolic piston for regulating the height.

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The fact that it’s made from actual pieces from a scooter that also gives the name of this creation, makes it very interesting and unique. However, I can’t understand how this makes the chair any better in terms of design and comfort. It actually looks less attractive because of the front shield of the scooter that was incorporated in the design. So I don’t see the point of doing that.

It’s a clever and ingenious idea, but it doesn’t really bring anything new and exciting in terms of design and functionality. To me, this is just another chair with a strange shape. However, I have to admit that it looks very comfortable. But this is how almost all desk or office chairs look like and most of them really are extremely comfortable.  So besides the innovation in terms of image and shape, there’s nothing special about this chair. Anyway, if you want something that gives you a subject for conversation, this chair could be a good choice.