Very Rare Reed and Barton Sterling Silver “Francis I” Vase

Houses are made beautiful by the design, furniture, but also by the little details like the decorations used to embellish it. One of the things that can bring a special treat to a room is the vase. You can place fresh flowers in it, flowers of different shapes and colours that you can choose depending on the room design or season or even personal taste. But sometimes the vase in itself is used for decoration, as it is really beautiful and eye-catching. One such vase is the Barton Sterling “Francis I” vase that is made of silver.

5357 5L

This vase is very special because it is made entirely of silver and besides that it is very old and has a special amazing design. The manufacturers of this vase – Reed and Barton – started their business back in 1824 and this vase is supposed to belong to the original collections made at the time. The body of the vase is smooth, but the rim has flowers and leaves designed. As for the name of the vase, “Francis I” , it was I created by Ernest Meyer in 1906 and apparently it refers to quite a big number of such collectible vases and other items. You can purchase the item now for $425.