Very Flat Folding Table by Lodovico Bernardi

Here is another kind of furniture for small places, it`s a convertible table by Lodovico Bernardi. It is called Flat Folding Table and it’s an asset to any home, particularly in a home where you might be short of space. A convertible table is an item with a variety of uses but which is still attractive to look at.This table presents itself as a very flat folding table which could become an ideal extension of the main table.


The idea is not very new as there have been numerous tries to find out a more effective way of having a table that stretches only when you have company. But the idea and the design brought by Lodovico Bernardi is really great and also practical. You simply keep the table stored somewhere where it takes a minimum amount of space if it looks just like a simple board and you only take it out when you need it. Stretch its legs (that are conveniently places aside and you have a big and nice table that allows you to organize the Easter family dinner.  If you want more information about this flat folding table then you could find it on Lodovico Bernardi.