Vertigo Chandelier

Nowadays so many things look exactly the same that it is hard to differentiate them and to find something original that brings some new features. That is why it is a total joy to find items like this Vertigo Chandelier on the market. It was designed by Constance Guisset in 2010 and brings a very interesting look when it comes to lamps and chandeliers. It is called vertigo because it makes you feel dizzy when you look at it and try to realize what that is and what you can use it for. For example it made me think of Da Vinci’s sketches for the first helicopter and the moment I saw it I thought of seeing it spinning in the air. Of course that makes you dizzy , so the name is actually perfect.

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Any way, this chandelier is made of Fiber glass, Iron and Polyurethane and it hangs from the ceiling, bringing a special modern touch to your living room design. If you hang it lower it will give you the impression of intimacy and close space. It is available in black and teal and you can now order it online for the price of $1,338.00.It will be delivered to you in 4 to 6 weeks.