Verso Buffet from Elite Manufacturing

When we talk about furniture our fist thought is about tables and chairs, beds and wardrobes, all the usual stuff that is so necessary for our homes. But there’s more to furniture than these pieces. But all the other ones can be found in big homes, where there’s plenty of space for any kind of furniture and where the owners have certain tastes . Today I am going to talk about the modern buffet, a rare, but very interesting piece of furniture. This one is called Verso and is produced by Elite Manufacturing.

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This buffet is not made of wood as normal furniture is, but it is modern and stylish and all shiny because it has a curious , but gorgeous combination of metal and glass. The nice curves of the sides hide the metal inside storage container – an ample space for storing champagne and silverware or glassware. The glass racks, shelves and large glass serving area are perfect for a special dinner serving or celebration. The cabinet inside is upholstered and the mirrored sides and also the glass shelves and counter make it both very functional and sparkling with elegance.