Versatile glass panels from Joel Berman Glass Studio

For those who are interested in adding a modern flair to their apartment or home, Joel Berman Glass Studio has a very interesting surprise that might help. Their latest creation is a glass panel that has a very beautiful wavy pattern and that can be used in an unlimited number of ways, both indoors and outdoors.

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The glass panels are a very versatile item as they can used as room dividers, as staircase elements, doors, as elements in the bathroom design, in the kitchen, basically anywhere your imagination tells you to use them. You can even make a sculpture out of them. Also they can be very easily included outdoors since glass is resistant to water and other natural elements. You can create a very modern and beautiful design by using these unique glass panels. They have a wavy pattern because of the large embossed transparent elliptical shapes included into the design.

So if you think it’s time to add a modern touch to your home, consider using glass panels. They are very practical and they also add an aesthetically pleasant look. Because of their versatility they can be used for many different purposes and you can create continuity throughout the house. Even though they are made of glass, they are very thick so you don’t have to worry about your safety. The panels are very sturdy and durable.{found on trendir}