Versatile Dream Space Dome by David Trubridge

This dome, as the designer calls it, is a very surprising structure. First of all, because it’s made of wood, only 5 mm thick wood which was thermally modified. It’s plantation-grown pine which has been heated to make it more durable for the outdoors without using poisonous chemicals. This allows it to be flexible and also very light. The entire set would fit inside a suitcase. And yet it’s very durable, strong and stable one the pieces are curved and under tension It has an oiled finish that brings out the natural color of the wood, in the same time adding even more durability.

Dream space domeView in gallery

The structure was built in six sections which can be easily taken apart for easy transportation. It’s a great piece for the outdoors. It can be used as a beautiful gazebo or as a garden sanctuary, in which case a timber floor made from the same material can also be supplied.

There will also be added a fabric cover, which is still under development.It’s a very interesting structure where you can refuge for a while and just relax and contemplate the nature.