Versatile Bubble Up Lamp Base

Lamps are always useful. There something about them that makes them indispensable in out homes. Maybe it’s the large variety of shapes, sizes and designs that are available on the market or maybe it’s the soft light they emit. Whatever it is, everyone has one.
Lamps are particularly useful in the bedroom. You need one on the nightstand in case you decide you want to read something before going to sleep, or simply because you need some light. You won’t need to get off the bed to close the lights, you’ll just need to turn off the lamp.

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The lamps are also useful in the living room, both as a decorative and functional item. And in case you’re having trouble deciding on the design or color of the lamp shade, we have the perfect solution for you. The Bubble Up Lamp Base is a very versatile item. It can be combined with a multitude of different lamp shades and this means it gives you the freedom of changing the atmosphere whenever you want, without having to buy a new lamp.

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The lamp base is crafted of pored resin with a high-gloss finish. It’s available in either black or white, both neutral tones that can be combined with anything. It comes with an On/off switch located on the socket. The dimensions of this item are 5.5″ diameter, 21″ high and it’s available for E43.80.