Ventuno Bathroom Collection from Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard announces the launch the Ventuno collection which was designed by the Italian designer  Franco Bertol. This collection includes three toilets, two toilets and two bidets. The toilets have the options for a pedestal or a half plinth, and it is available with a chrome siphon design. It’s important to know that all parts are created to be perfect and are characterized by a generous storage capacity and practical innovations. The collection will be available from February.

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The manufacturers are not modest at all, considering by the name. This proves that they are very confident in their forces. They know how good they are and they want the world to know it too. The method they use is a very direct one. Their products are indeed beautiful They have simple but beautiful lines and the elegance is very visible. The materials used also reflect quality. They have high standards and this is good because the costumers expect nothing less than perfection.

Ventuno Bathroom Collection from Ideal Standard 2

The pieces included in this collection share a similar style, both chic and functional. This is the ideal combination and the producers know that. Furnish your bathroom with style. Make it a pleasant space. It might a smaller room, but it’s as important as any other one.  Remember that the next time you’ll be redecorating.