Velvet Zarina Armchair

Velvet is a very comfy fabric. It used to be a very popular choice a while ago. However, it almost disappeared in the last few years. It began to be perceived as old and out of fashion. Nevertheless, it recently reappeared on the market and started to be appreciated again. The truth is that everything can look good if it’s part of a more complex design where its properties are exploited to a maximum level.

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One such example is Zarina, a very beautiful and elegant armchair. It was designed by Cesare Cassina. The chair features a wooden frame and polyurethane stuffing. Also, for even more comfort, it has a goose-feather cushion that will make you wish you could spend the whole in the chair. A very distinguishable detail about Zarina is the fact that it’s covered in velvet.

Poltrona zarina 3

Poltrona zarina 3View in gallery

In this case, this particular fabric is the perfect choice. It goes really well with the design, especially considering the curved back and soft edges. The armchair is available is grey, purple, orange, green, turquoise, pink and yellow, colors that are combined in a multitude of different ways resulting all sorts of creative models. Moreover, because of the large range of colors available, you can choose exactly the tones that you like or ask for them to be combined if there’s not already an existing model featuring the same colors.