Velice Lounge by DesignKoalition

Here is the latest relaxing idea, which comes from DesignKoalition.Velice Lounge is made from a Birkoplex material weather-resistant, because you can use the Velice Lounge at the pool or sauna.The materials are UV-resistant and oil treated. Designed to be the ultimate relaxing space, Velice cradles the body in a balanced position, which improves blood circulation, allows the spine to rest naturally, and relaxes the muscles.

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This chair can be easily taken for a rocking chair, with the visible improvement of having a shade over it. That is why you can use it without a problem both outdoors and indoors and you will not have to fear the sun burns or the drops of rain ever again. You will be able to relax outside in your yard even if the weather is not perfect.

Velice 170809 03
This chair is perfect for the elderly as it is designed to have the best position for resting and also to protect the person inside and to be easily handled without having to carry it or to make an effort moving it when it rains – I have mentioned the fabric is water proof. And the position is perfect for relaxation, even if you are not old or sick.