VEJMON Side Table from IKEA

What I like about IKEA is the fact that they keep things simple. All the things that you can find there are very simple, yet nice-looking and also affordable. They are perfect for any home and will look great both in modern homes and in old-fashioned ones. Let’s take this VEJMON Side Table from IKEA for example. It is a normal, but beautiful side table that is very comfortable to use and handy, but also looks quite elegant. It has a top shelf and a middle shelf that can be used for storing magazines or other similar items when you keep it in the living room. The X on the base makes it pretty stable, so you don’t risk knocking it down when you don’t pay attention and walk past it.

Vejmon side table  0089491 PE221832 S4The four legs have some metal tips so that they will not get damaged in time. The round shape of the side table makes it easy to place in any corner of the room and still look like its place was there from the very beginning. This table was designed by Ehlén Johansson and is made of birch veneer. It also has some clear acrylic lacquer on top of it and this makes it shine and look great. The cost is $99, but you can’t presently order it online, but directly in the store.