VEJMON Side Table from IKEA

What I like about IKEA is the fact that they keep things simple. All the things that you can find there are very simple, yet nice-looking and also affordable. They are perfect for any home and will look great both in modern homes and in old-fashioned ones. Let’s take this VEJMON Side Table from IKEA for example. It is a normal, but beautiful side table that is very comfortable to use and handy, but also looks quite elegant. It has a top shelf and a middle shelf that can be used for storing magazines or other similar items when you keep it in the living room. The X on the base makes it pretty stable, so you don’t risk knocking it down when you don’t pay attention and walk past it.

Vejmon side table  0089491 PE221832 S4$99, but you can’t presently order it online, but directly in the store.