Vauni’s Stylish Fireplace

Among the things that make our lives more beautiful, fireplaces definitely occupy an important position. The one in the picture is more than an ordinary fireplace; it belongs to the Globe collection, by the Sweden company Vauni. It is a flueless designed fireplace, unique, as it combines tradition with classic form in a modern interpretation. What else could you ask from a fireplace? It belongs to a special category, that of the elegant bio ethanol fireplaces, impossible not to impress even the most critical eye.

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The fireplace in the picture not only looks good and combines tradition and modernity, but it has other important characteristics. For instance, it can be rotated 360 degrees for an optimal enjoyment and being designed by Markus Grip, it is available in two variations: cast iron with matt finish and polished black granite.

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It looks like in a futuristic movie and no matter if you choose the black or white option, you get to the same conclusion: it is unique from all points of view, with a great design, stylish and modern at the same time. It is definitely a smart choice and no matter where it is placed, it looks just great. It adds charms and personality to no matter   what room you choose for it or if it is an apartment or a house, it is just perfect!