Vaso Rettangolare Illuminated Planter

Plants are beautiful and they should be part of our lives. That is why I like being surrounded by many flowers , even in winter. But now, since summer is here and it’s hot and sunny, it’s the perfect weather for plants, so I keep them outdoors. Well, technology did invade all the fields of our lives and this is no exception, so i found this amazing Vaso Rettangolare Illuminated Planter. Yes, it is exactly what it looks like: a planted that casts light from the inside. This could be really cool when your planter is in the garden, as you will be able to see it and also the things around it.

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“Vaso rettangolare” is Italian for “illuminated flower pot” and that is exactly what it is. Of course you need to connect it to a power plug if you want it to light, but the visual effect obtained will be worth everything. The planter is made of high-quality polyethylene which is 100% recyclable and also has a drainage system that allows you to keep the planter clean, preventing the dirt from coming in. The special designed is combined with functionality, so everybody is happy. The best lightbulb to use is 23W compact fluorescent and the item is perfect for balconies. The product’s price is $525.