Valeo glass meeting table by EPCR

Meeting and conference tables are a challenge mostly because they have to incorporate a certain design and style. A meeting table can’t be very brightly colored or have a playful design because it’s not appropriate. It has to look formal and as simple and functional as possible. Still, it needs to be elegant and stylish and it’s not easy to incorporate all those ideas into one piece of furniture.

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Valeo is a meeting table that is very close to all those characteristics. It manages to be simple and formal but, in the same time, to do that with style. The Valeo table is part of the Valeo Collection and it was designed by Fauciglietti Engineering, EPCR. It features aluminum legs in round section that can be painted in liquid aluminum or bright chrome. The base structure is made of wood and covered in leather for a more sophisticated and stylish look. The base can be either X or V-shaped.

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The top is frosted crystal glass, 12 mm thick and it’s available in different shapes and sizes: round, oval, rectangular or elliptical. Any one of these tables would be a very stylish choice for an officer or conference room. Make business with style and choose the Valeo table. It was designed for success.