Using Wallpaper To Add Space Visually To Your Interiors

Making your small space feel larger is a challenge every homeowner. If you have concluded that there is nothing you can do about it, think again, wallpaper could be your solution. A lot of home owners have been able to use wallpaper to add space visually to their interiors. This is a trend that has been around for a long time and when properly used, will give your small room a more spacious look without taking much from your pocket. Listed below are some ideas that will help you with visually enlarging your spaces:

wallpaper framed
Use wallpaper creatively in your interiors

Use of wallpaper with sheen:

With this type of wallpaper, you are able to bring in more light and reflectivity to your small apartment which goes further in making the place look bigger and spacious than it really is. In order to achieve maximum positive result, it is better to use smaller print papers that are metallic based. Wallpaper with pink or cream background glossy setting that runs through your ceilings to the walls of the apartment creates a brighter and more upbeat mood in your home, added to the unique style that is associated with. So, for that opulent ambiance, opt for wallpapers in coppers, gold, silver and rich bronzes since they tend to bring shimmering life to your space, especially at nightfall.

wallpaper pink add space
Add light to your interiors with wallpaper that has a sheen

Less is more:

If there is a particular area of your home that you want to highlight or make visually larger, you can achieve this by using less paper. This means that the wallpaper should not run from wall to wall but should be cut into specific sizes and hung on those areas that need to be highlighted in order to make a unique design statement while at the same time, visually enlarging the space. Smaller print designs in work very well in this regard.

wallpaper framed idea
Less is more: wallpaper framed idea

Adding more space to your bedroom:

When it comes to wallpaper color combination that can convert your tiny bedroom into a bigger space, you should be looking at lighter shades of cream color, white and icy blue. These colors have a unique way of exuding positive optical illusions in your space. They also make the room feel more airy and open to a large extent.

wallpaper bedroom idea
Wallpaper bedroom idea
Highlight an accent wall with wallpaper
Highlight an accent wall with wallpaper

Knowing that brighter rooms always look larger than they really are and are also inviting, it is necessary that as make a choice of lighter colored wallpapers that come in smaller prints. Also, for more defined impression, you can use less paper on some areas of the home. With wallpapers, you don’t need to spend a fortune before you can make your space look and feel larger and spacious.

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