Using Glass to Showoff your Gorgeous Bathroom

Your bathroom can be the best place to enjoy a relaxing bath, an invigorating shower or just enjoy kicking back after a long day at work. There used to be a time when our bathroom showers were small and bathtubs were only large enough to fit your body into!  Today, bathrooms have come a long way and showing off gorgeous finishes and beautiful materials is one of the easiest ways to enjoy your bathroom. Glass is one of those materials that has put on a new face in recent years. Whether you are using it for shower enclosures, gorgeous mirrors or as decorative accents in your cabinets, glass is often the forgotten material in bathroom amenities. Here are a few ways to showcase this beautiful material in your home.

glass wall tile bathroom
Brighten your bathroom with colorful glass

Open up your bathroom with glass:  

One of the best features of glass is its ability to open up any small space but still provide separation for function and visual interest. Glass enclosures used to be restricted to a sliding glass door that would show wear, and often become broken due to the track it would slide in. Today glass enclosures have evolved to beautiful walls of glass.  From etched designs in the glass to opaque and translucent varieties you can choose your level of privacy and still create a beautifully open and serene bathroom space. Consider what type of privacy you seek; glass block is perfect for no vision through the material, but still letting in sunlight and natural light from adjacent spaces.

glass bathroom shower
Glass wall and shower enclosures open up your bathroom

Glass tile adds a modern edge: 

Remember when bath tile used to be ceramic or porcelain and those were your main choices? Today, glass is a very popular design feature in tile and can range from beautiful colorful mosaic glass tiles as an accent to larger subway or even long horizontal tile pieces. Glass is beautiful because it allows light to reflect off of it, unlike porcelain. This creates a modern and sleek aesthetic that is trending in modern bathrooms that want a sophisticated and metropolitan feel to their space. Whether you choose to use it in the shower or around the sink, glass tile is great to pair up with stone, wood, and even mix and match porcelain/ceramic with glass tile accents it can bring a gorgeous unified look.

glass tile bathroom
Glass tile can add sophistication to any bathroom

Using glass for decorative appeal: 

Glass also has the ability to show off color and be used in large or small amounts throughout your bathroom in decorative ways. Take for example vanity cabinet doors on underneath of your sink. Glass inserts made from colored or even frosted glass are showing up in high-end hotels and spas and can be mimicked in your bathroom. Many cabinetry manufacturers offer interchangeable doors to replace your current cabinets with. Another wonderful decorative addition is adding glass to your bathroom door! These doors work beautifully in urban lofts or homes that want to close off the bathroom with a sleek addition to a master bedroom or studio apartment. The use of glass is almost limitless!

glass cabinets
Glass cabinets with a stellar under cabinet light!
glass doors bathroom idea
Glass doors aren’t just for the shower

If you have been trying to figure out how to add some visual appeal to your bathroom, look no further; glass could be your answer. From gorgeous shower and wall enclosures, to glass tiles and decorative cabinetry inserts, you will love how glass shows off your bathroom.

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