Using Frames Without Photos: Part 1

Sometimes your walls need a little more style than just a frames picture or candle sconces. Seeing the same ole’ wall art in every room of the house dull the ethos and overall feel of your home. So, instead why not use some great frames to highlight other items … and not just the usual photograph. Let’s take a look at some ideas that use frames to dress your walls without photos!

1. Frame other frames.

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Really get creative by using bigger frames to frame other, smaller frames. Different shapes, colors and sizes will make this look incredibly interesting, stylish and greatly eclectic. It’s perfect for a hallway, a creative office or a even in the kitchen! Find fun frames by going thrifting or reusing some of your older frames and updating their look.

2. Frame ribbon bits.

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If you’re crafty or just want something a little unique to display, try ribbon! Maybe you have some ribbon bits left over from a project or you have some old ribbons left over from your birthday presents .. either way .. all you have to do is place them in a frame. It’s instant art! It’s perfect for the office, sewing room or even one of your teenagers bedrooms.

3. Frame some cork.

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Need an extra place to post  notes, reminders, to-do lists, grocery lists or phone numbers you can’t forget? Try grabbing some colorful or unique frames and adding a cork piece to it! Place it in the kitchen, next to the telephone or in the office to give yourself a very functional piece of wall art.

3. Frame a dress.

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Frame your baby’s first dress to adorn her nursery or frame your wedding dress and display it proudly. Using frames to keep a memory lasting forever is a great way to treat your home to something interesting and meaningful. Found a 1920’s flapper dress is great condition? Frame it, put it in the study for something to look at besides your husband’s old trophies. Found your old baseball jersey you wore when you hit your first home run? Frame it, put it in the study to compliment all of your husband’s (or your own) old trophies.

4. Frame old letters.

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It’s artistic, it’s creative and it has a very vintage appeal. Dress your rustic, country-flavored kitchen or your Paris-inspired bedroom with some frame loved notes. Remember, they don’t necessarily have to be real … you can always have fun creating your own!

5. Frame jewelry.

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Organize your favorites and show them off! With a little cork board or fabric, you can create something to hang your best and clean up the mess in your jewelry box. Find a DIY to help you out and create something fun for yourself.