Using black as the main color for your interior décor

Black is a very powerful color, a neutral that is often used in small doses. However, there is also the possibility of using black as the main color for a room’s interior décor. In this case you need to take into consideration several aspects such the function of the room, the atmosphere you are trying to create, the other accents color you want to use and the style you want for the décor. With a little creativity, any room of the house can use black in its favor.

Black bedrooms.

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It’s very uncommon but black bedrooms do exist and they’re surprisingly relaxing and inviting. Even though most people are scared to paint their bedrooms walls black, it’s not an irreversible action and it can be a bold move that turns out to be a big success. To avoid creating an unwanted dramatic look you can use contrasting accent details.

Black living rooms.

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The living room is a space that needs to feel welcoming and alluring, where family members and guests need to feel comfortable. You might think that a black living room décor would make all that impossible. In reality, a black décor including black walls and even some black furniture can actually feel more intimate and cozy than a space with very bright accents.

Black home theatres.

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In the case of a home theatre room, black is actually a very suitable color. This is a space that needs to feel cozy and intimate and where light is not as welcomed as in other rooms. By painting the walls black you can make sure the décor is just as you wanted it to be. You might have to also add black curtains. To break the monotony you can use red furniture.

Black bathrooms.

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Even though white and blue are very common colors for the bathroom, they’re not the only options. If you prefer something different you can use colors that are more uncommon in interior decors, colors such as black. You can have black sinks, a black bathtub that might be difficult to find and black tiled walls with subtle colorful insertions.

Black offices.

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Since black is a color sometimes associated with elegance and sobriety, it would actually be a very suitable color in the case of offices. If you want your office to feel sober, imposing and professional, you can paint the walls black, either partially or entirely and you can have black furniture, maybe even black flooring. Don’t forget to add some contrast.

Black dining rooms.

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The dining room is one of those spaces that create mixed feelings. It’s a space where family members and guests gather and interact and spend time together so it’s an inviting and cozy environment. However, at the same time, it also tends to feel rather sober and imposing, especially if it’s a separate room. Black is a color that can capture this dichotomy and turn it into a beautiful balance, especially when combined with other colors.

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