Useful Tandem Modular Furniture by Geoffrey Graven

Nowadays any useful space becomes important to us. Thus we try to take advantage of every square meter that we benefit and transform it into a comfortable and useful area.

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Geoffrey Graven designed a special type of furniture for small spaces. It is the modular Tandem furniture that can be used both as a storage space and as support too. This piece of furniture is composed of a chair which can be used as storage space and table too. The chair stands on three legs and the table presents the advantage of being rotative.

The storage space contains three shelves where you can put different objects that you need: books or CDs.The spherical shape of this chair and table uses the space at maximum.

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The modular Tandem is a piece of furniture made of wood and aluminum can also be used as an office piece .Its minimal design and the table where you can put your laptop will provide an easy way to work on it. You can also use it as your coffee table where you can have breakfast and drink your coffee in the morning.

Tandem represents a brilliant idea which offers us the possibility to put it everywhere that we please and enjoy its multifunctional design.