Kitchen And Bathroom Painting Tips

A fresh coat of paint is necessary once in a while, especially for areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom that you want to look clean and fresh. The whole process of painting the walls is actually quite simple. Still, there are a few important aspects to take into consideration and a few inspiring ideas can’t hurt either.

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Pay attention to the finish. Low sheen paints are popular nowadays but there are also several other others. The kitchen and the bathroom need to be cleaned and scrubbed periodically so a glossy finish would be rather practical.

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Think twice before choosing a color. Make sure it complements the room and the décor. For example, if you have colored appliances or other accessories in the kitchen, it might be a good idea to choose a neutral shade for the walls such as white. This also works for small spaces.

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If you also want to paint the ceiling, then you should know that ceiling paint is different from wall paint. It mostly just has a matte finish to better hide the imperfections.

Kitchen painting ideas.

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If the kitchen is spacious enough to also serve as a social space where guests might spend time or family members would interact, then try to make it feel warm and inviting with a wall color such as orange, yellow or this custom shade.

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The kitchen needs to look clean and to be bright and airy. So you should focus on using bright and cheerful colors. Yellow is an excellent shade. It looks great when combined with white and gray which are very common in all types of kitchens.

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White is the most versatile color and looks great in combination with any other shade. Use it on the kitchen walls if you have vibrant colors elsewhere in the room like these eye-catching blue appliances for example.

Bathroom designs.

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Bathrooms are usually small so, if you want the space to look bright and open, use colors such as white or yellow. Use pastel shades to make the room feel soothing and relaxing.

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Keep the décor simple with a black and white combo. You can paint the top half of the wall black and the bottom portion white. In combination with a white ceiling you’ll have a perfect look. Repeat the same color combo throughout the room.

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Light colors are great at making a small bathroom look bigger but you can also go the opposite way and use a dark tone. It can be a wonderful idea if you want to emphasize the placement of the window for example or to create strong contrasts. For a fun twist, use chalkboard paint.