Useful Flower Dining Table

After a cold winter, we are waiting for spring impatiently. It is the season that brings nature to life again. Everything becomes green, the rays of sun are stronger and insects, birds and animals become active again. It is also the season of flowers. We assist to an explosion of color, light and warm.

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Flower Dining Table, which is a foldable table, has the shape of a flower. The table is white but the chairs are green and have the shape of petals.Its beautiful shape and color create a positive atmosphere. The fact that it is foldable is another advantage. When we do not use it, we get more space.

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Its lovely design makes us feel like in a magic fairytale where we become giants and the natural elements become the objects that we use for our daily necessities: flowers become tables, trees become sofas, and lakes may be our bathtubs.