Use Books as Art with These Bookcase Décor Ideas

Bookcases don’t have to be shunned to the side of the wall with all your tattered books on display. They can become part of the décor in a big way, while looking after all your beloved novels. Here are some tips on how to be a bit more creative with your bookcases and reap décor bliss.

Decorate the Middle Wall.

Kitchen island with storage
Divide the Room with Books

The dividing wall between two rooms (or in a large room) is the perfect spot to create a bookshelf! It fills up the boring white wall while by adding a few décor touches in the form of books and/or other special family mementos you place on the shelf.

Landing on the Page.

Kitchen island with storage
Staircase Landing Décor to Maximise Space

A staircase landing can be a great place to store a few books. Just install a bookshelf on the wall and voila! Now there’s something interesting for your guests to see when they reach halfway up the stairs.

Turn it Around.

Kitchen island with storage
Irregular Shelving Creates Instant Décor

You don’t have to stick to the usual flat, horizontal style of bookcase. Make things more interesting by installing shelves at various angles. It can really transform a space and become the focal point of a room.

Kitchen island with storage
Use Window Shape as Inspiration for Bookcase Ideas

A circular bookcase is wonderful for a round window. This is an out of the ordinary idea and it creates a touch of whimsy while offering a perfect spot for indulging in your next favorite best-seller.

Keep it in the Closet.

Kitchen island with storage
Display Books in the Cupboard

You might not always want your books on show, so there is the opportunity to have them on display sometimes while hidden at other times. This is where a bookcase closet comes in. Leave the door ajar for a sneak-peek into your colorful collection.

Built-in Bookcase.

Kitchen island with storage
A Desk and Bookcase in One

Storing your books in a built-in bookcase opens up a variety of different style ideas. One of these is to have the bookcase built into your office desk. This is a great way to utilize space that usually goes to waste at your feet, plus it adds creativity to the room.

Cook and Books.

Kitchen island with storage
Read Novels while You Cook

You might not think about storing books in the kitchen, but this room in the house could be a great spot! The kitchen sometimes needs a bit of creativity, so a small shelf or cabinet with books can bring it warmth while reflecting your love for reading.

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