Usak armchair from Boa design

The USAK armchair was design and created by Boa design. The chair is a way for you to relax when you are tired. It has an original form, and it comes in two variations. The chair is a furniture object that will bring joy and happiness to your home. It is perfectly designed for your interior.

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The foot of the chair has chrome metal look, with an X at the base. The X makes the chair more stable, so you can laugh out loud and you will still be on the chair. The dimensions of the chair are 1000/1000/1200 mm. So it isn’t a big chair it could fit anywhere you like. The chair could be use in a hotel in the waiting lobby or in a train station or airport. Because it has a beautiful color it could perfectly go in your office space, so that it will bring a relaxed touch to it.

The chair has an interesting form, it look like it is made from plasticine. You can use this chair as a decoration in all of your house rooms, but I think it will go very well in your living room, or your children room. If you have an interesting book that you would like to read the chair is perfectly made for your comfort during that. You could crush on it for hours and feel very good after that because of its great form.