US Naval Ship Light

When you are a child and start reading books, your imagination goes wild and you imagine traveling the seas on board a ship or even a submarine, next to captain Nemo or Ahab. That is because the sea has always fascinated man and we have always dreamed of conquering it. So you will be glad to hear I found this incredible US Naval Ship Light that is a kind of lamp that can be used in your home, but it will give your home a special appearance because it really is a naval ship light.

Ship light naval industrial 1The ship light was used on a real US ship some time back in the 1950s, but now it is only an old ship light that can be used as a home light for those who love the sea. It was a bit embellished to look better and all the wires have been changed with cloth ones, but it still looks great. You can have it for $795 and your wish will come true.