Ursuline Desk from Ligne Roset

When you are at the office, you just have to be satisfied with the already bought furniture and make the best use of it. But when you work at home and have your own office corner there, you can choose what is best for you, what you like and what you need. So you can purchase a very beautifully designed desk that fits your room perfectly and also your taste. This is Ursuline Desk from Ligne Roset in my opinion. First of all it is very feminine and I am a woman, so perfect so far. Then it has an incredible design, with an elegant shape and nice curves.

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It is a more advanced and more refined version of the Tanis desk that was also designed by Pierre Paulin. You can recognize the great gift of the designer who lived and created at the beginning of the twentieth century in Paris and also the source of inspiration as the elegant and stylish furniture pieces in bourgeois France. Any way, the desk is now manufactured by Ligne Roset and can be bought all over the world in stores or online. The desk is available in two models, one in satin-finish white lacquer and one in satin-finish brown lacquer. You can purchase the item for a special price of £834.70.