Urboponic Flowerpots by Jerome Arul

If you like flowers and plants but you wish they were easier to take care of, you’ll probably love the new creation of Singaporean designer Jerome Arul. It’s called Urboponic and it allows you to grow plants inside the house without having to provide soil or anything else. It’s like the plants feed with air. Of course, that’s impossible and it’s an illusion.

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Urboponic is a very ingenious gardening solution that uses electricity to fulfill the plants’ needs. Nutrients are vaporized and pumped into the bulb continuously in order to maintain the mist within the roots of the plant and the nutrients are supplied by the electricity through a cable plugged to the power point. The main cable holds three smaller cables for solution input, solution output and electrical current. The electro-chromic glass can turn opaque when the power is supplied, however can also be switched to a clear look for all those curious glances of your guests.

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You can either hang it from the ceiling or simply place it on the counter, on the table or on the floor. It’s a very ingenious idea that completely eliminates the soil and the water. It sounds impossible to do that and to still have
beautiful plants in your home, but it’s true and it’s very impressive.