Urban living room design to steal

An urban living room is characterized by a series of specificities. Of course, it all depends on the style you choose to adopt and your personal preferences, but the décor will always feel somewhat elegant, distinguished and organized. Cozyness usually comes second. Here’s a beautiful example of an urban living room décor. It incorporates elements that work beautifully together but that don’t really have that much in common.

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The piece that seems to be a sofa is in fact composed of two separate items, a seater and a chaise. They have matching designs and only differ in terms of shape and dimensions. The improvised sofa is completed by a Panton dining chair. This one is made from a single sheet of plastic and has a design that quickly became a classic and is still seen as modern, even after so many years. The sofa and the chair are both black, a neutral and strong color that is commonly used for contrast. There’s also a third seating unit, an elegant Eames RAR chair, also in black. It has a exposed wooden frame and it’s an urban rocking chair with a simple, casual and modern design.

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The black furniture creates a strong contrast with the white décor. The black and white combination is classic and timeless but usually needs a touch of color. In this case the color is added by the decorative cushions. They are simple and artistic and reflect nicely the essence of this décor. The cow skin rug adds texture and helps create a cozy and more relaxed atmosphere. And since the décor was already beautifully balanced, everything was completed with a mirrored console table.All available on site.