Urban Interiorities- a “Sweet” Nightclub

If you say “Urban Interiorities” you will think of a city, its crowded places and nosy people. If you see “Urban Interiorities” you will think of something extremely sweet and precious. So, what is “Urban Interiorities”?Actually, it is a project initiated by two regent graduates of the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Virginia Melnyk and Tiffany Dahlen.

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Their project refers to a building which represents an amazing “sweet” nightclub. It is a “sweet” because they were inspired by the sensations of taste and their desire to visualize these sensations in a physical way and maybe because of the fact that it takes the shape of a huge cake.There are used sweet colors too, like: pink, red, white or yellow. Floral motifs also appear which they look like some precious stones.

Nightclub Built for Tastebuds1

Nightclub Built for Tastebuds3

The nightclub consists of an entry area, a sushi restaurant, a sake bar, a music lounge and VIP rooms.You will be amazed by its sticky, sweet, pillowy or fibrous interior areas which seem to imitate or represent these sensations of taste physically in an original way. Here you have the feeling that you are surrounded by sweetness and delicious things which seem to really sweeten the whole atmosphere.