Updating Your Old Fireplace With A Modern Designed Variety

Fireplaces have always been the center of attraction in any home. They provide warmth and a focal point that draws family and guests naturally. Over the years fireplaces have gone from strictly utilitarian to completely modern and unique in their design and their function. From fireplaces that are portable to architectural features that demand a second look when you enter the room, fireplaces have transformed how we decorate our interiors. If you want to revamp your old fireplace or you are considering going for new, take a look at these varieties that will have you scratching your head as to which one to decide on!

modern fireplace flagstone
Transform your current fireplace into a modern one

Modern fireplaces with cool aspects:

If you have an ultra modern home or you just love the appeal of cool gadgets and decorative pieces, there are fireplaces that are just right for you. With the onset of more people living in apartments, small homes and places where a natural fireplace doesn’t exist – fireplace manufacturers have a solution. Portable modern fireplaces that run on clean fuel and act more as a fire pit to move from room to room. Modern varieties can sit on a stand to be placed in any room or many design styles mount to your wall! You would be surprised that not having a place for a chimney is no longer a setback when opting for an ultramodern fireplace.

modern fireplace coocoon fires
Opt for a portable fireplace for you home

Update your current fireplace: 

For those of you that have an existing fireplace and want to give it a new face, why not choose modern materials and finishes to update your entire room? From rustic flagstone rocks to slick tile – you will love how an old brick fireplace can look beautiful overnight. Many DIY projects you can do today involve refacing your fireplace with tile, concrete or even mosaic pieces such as recycled glass, shells, stones and more. If you love the look of stone or concrete but don’t want the heavy labor – try a veneer wall. These walls have faux concrete or rocks made from plaster or other man-made materials and are applied to the outside of your existing fireplace wall.

modern fireplace tile
Update your fireplace with modern tile
modern fireplace white
Create a fireplace that blends in seamlessly

Create an architectural feature:

Fireplaces have now begun to create quite an architectural statement in many homes. From open fireplaces that literally look like they are sitting in the middle of the room, to built-in fireplaces that look one with the wall, create an architectural feature that commands attention. Many artisans and contractors will build custom fireplaces just for your home to mimic the existing architectural features of your space. Whether you love concrete, brick, or you want it to blend seamlessly with the drywall around it – there is a fireplace solution for your home. From your living and family room to your bathroom and bedroom, transform your home with a modern fireplace.

modern fireplace open
Open your room up with a eye-catching architectural fireplace

If you are ready for a face-lift on your existing fireplace or you always wanted one in your apartment, but couldn’t now there is a fireplace solution to every home. Choose a modern fireplace with a fabulous finish, or opt for portable ones that can move from room to room. Whichever you choose, your home will love the modern face of fireplaces today.

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