Up or down – where do you like your black?

Both the ceiling and the floor are important elements in every home. But they often tend to be neglected when we choose the usual contrast light vs. dark. Most of the times, the ceiling gets to be white or other similar color while the floor is either wooden or painted a darker color. Black is not a very common shade for either one of them but this doesn’t make it inappropriate. In fact, a black ceiling or a black floor often make a great statement in an interior décor.

Black Ceilings.

Basement interior design
The dark ceiling matches some of the furniture and the result is a cohesive décor

Industrial loft ceiling black
A black ceiling can be a nice option for an industrial interior
Black ceiling white kitchen
This elegant kitchen has a beautifully framed dark ceiling and strong contrasts throughout
Black ceiling design
The black ceiling makes a statement and also influences the rest of the décor
Black themed bedroom
You can opt for a black and white interior and add some warmth with an area rug

Even though it’s a little unusual, a dark ceiling can be refreshing. You can opt for black, a strong and classical color for this feature of your home and there are numerous ways in which you can integrate it into the décor. Sometimes it’s fun to change the roles and to have a black ceiling with a white floor while other times symmetry is the answer. In a minimalist décor, you can play with the black and white mix in any way you like.

Black Floors.

Black floor
A black floor can be a very elegant detail in a living room as well as in other spaces
Black floor bedroom
Try a contrasting approach where the colors gradually become bright
Black floor dining room
If you have a black floor, try to incorporate at least one more black element in the décor
Kitchen black floor
The area rug also has a black background so the pattern stands out beautifully
Living room black floor
An elegant living room interior featuring white, black and grey elements

If a black ceiling is rather unusual, a black floor is something more common. It’s a quite popular feature in modern and contemporary interior and also a more classical approach since it’s usually complemented by a white ceiling. On a black floor you can use white area rugs to emphasize the contrast or you can leave the floor exposed to showcase its beauty.

So where do you prefer your black? Up on the ceiling or down on the floor?

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