Unusual Windows That Light Up Interiors

Natural light, more than even the most skilful lighting design, is the key part of a homely room’s make up. However, windows don’t simply need to be the same rectangles of double glazing you see everywhere. Nor do they always have to be installed on white polyvinyl or wooden frames. Windows come in so many varieties that the more unusual ones shouldn’t be overlooked, so long as they allow the light to flood in.

Unconventional Entry Ways.

Front door light

If you are looking for one or two unusual windows for your home that will act as features, then a good place to start is with an entry way.How about a cool door that has a diagonal slash to its glazing, for a high impact change? There again, a wooden framed door with frosted glass will allow light inwards, yet still afford a certain amount of privacy.

Front door large

Need more light? Simply allow one of the door’s glazing panels to be unfrosted. And in an entrance way, a good idea is toad windows on either side of the door. Back the look up with an additional window at the corner of the room to give it an open feeling. Even small, corner positioned windows can get this desirable effect.

Round Windows.

Round windows attic room

Circular and oval windows are fun. You may need to alter a little brickwork to retro fit one but it will be worth it. They look great in children’s rooms, creating a sense of adventure almost like a ship voyage.

Kids room round window

Round window reading nook

Make sure that the window can open easily, particularly in rooms you need to ventilate. Round windows that fit with the roof line of your home make for an especially striking look. Large round windows make a feature in a room, so make sure you draw attention to them by using the shape cleverly on the inside.

Textures That Tempt.

Window glass facade

Not all glazing is the same, so head off the beaten track if you are fitting new windows. A combination of obscured and decorative glazing works wonders in a new bathroom design concept, for example.

Bathroom window

Colorful windows

Turquoise tinted windows will look great from the outside, if they are used next to a pool, whilst allowing light flow to the interior. Try multi-colored glazing for an eclectic, light filled, living room. And for a traditional look, go for some ornate detailing which will look perfect in a hallway, library or a study.

Curious Combinations.

Diff windows

Bathroom ceiling window

Mix and match your glazing options for a modern look that will impress. Don’t just stick to rectangles for your window shapes. Other quadrilaterals work well, too, especially if they follow the angle of the ceiling. Fit round windows and skylights in combination with other shapes in converted attic rooms. And remember that skylights can form part of the wall and ceiling structure at the same time, complimenting conventional windows perfectly.

Glazing High Spaces.

Natural kitchen light

Add height to your room with a window that reaches the ceiling line. A higher positioned window allows more light in, particularly when the sun is low. If you go for an extra, high mounted, window consider the sun’s movement and remember that a south facing wall is probably the best one to use.

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