Unusual sculptures by Janet Echelman

When you think of a sculpture you usually imagine something very robust, stable, rigid, usually made of stone but not necessarily. What Janet Echelman creates is nothing like that. Her sculptures are soft, colorful, vibrant and they seem to be alive.

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What Janet Echelman designs and creates is a very unusual form of art. Her aerial sculptures are pieces that enchant the viewer at multiple levels. Her creations are unique because they seem to be alive. They respond to the forces of nature: wind, water and light. With a size of a building, these unusual art pieces seem to float into the air, changing their shape and color according to natural influences. The materials used to create these amazing pieces vary from fishing nets up to atomized water particles. The inspiration for these unique sculptures comes from the designer’s large experience all over the world.

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These amazing forms of public art can be admired in Portugal, Phoenix, British Columbia, Madrid. They are truly impressive. So soft and delicate and yet so strong and powerful. They have a futuristic look, very artistic and mysterious. It must be very interesting to see how she actually makes these things. Even though the designer says these sculptures are permanent, I wonder how resistant they really are to forces of nature. However, when you see them in person you don’t really care about anything else.