Unusual Pumpkin Shaped Room by edg Creatives

Designed for the Beijing office of edg Creatives, this pumpkin-shaped structure is a brainstorming room. The idea is unusual and ingenious. We have seen other similar projects that involved partitions and small, compact structures where one or more people could retreat for a private meeting or conversation or where one could read a favorite book without being disturbed.

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This was a custom-made project for the designers’ office. It was created by David Ho of edg Creatives. The Pumpkin Room, as it was called because of its shape, is made from polycarbonate panels. It features transparent sections that allow the users of this room to also maintain contact with the rest of the office and with the activities taking place in it. The transparent parts are also a means of bringing light inside the structure.

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The Pumpkin Room is crafted using two such panels that are fitted around a steel structure. Since it was designed to be sued inside the office, the room needed artificial lighting. The partition is illuminated by fluorescent tubes and this makes it resemble a light box with a futuristic feel during the evening hours. The Pumpkin Room was designed to serve as a brainstorming room and as an element that would encourage collaboration and interaction. It’s a space where the designers can put their creative minds to work.