Unusual Mozaika Seat by Lui Kawasumi

If you’re looking for something modern and even a little unusual for your home, you should take a look at the Mozaika Chair created by Lui Kawasumi. It’s a very unusual chair, not just because of the materials used but also because of the shape and the design.

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The Mozaika Seat is made of stainless steel. You might find this material a little unusual and a little strange. It’s true that it’s not knows as a popular material among this kind of furniture pieces. It’s also not the most comfortable material there is. But it was a great choice for this purpose. The designer needed a strong and durable material that allowed him to explore an experimental laser-cutting pattern. As you can see, there are a lot of small squares that form a nice pattern that allows like to get through and that resembles a mosaic, hence the name of the chair.

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The steel sheet has been polished and then freely hammered in order to obtain the form that you see now. You can see that there’s a sort of carving in which you cans eat. It’s actually pretty comfortable. This piece was shown in NY at the NOHO Design District during Design Week In May 2011. It’s definitely something different that might seem odd at first that becomes more and more interesting with time. Also, because it’s made of steel, it’s extremely durable and resistant. It might be a little heavy, but you can deal with that.