Unusual Giuko Lamp

I have a rather wild imagination, so when I first saw this Unusual Giuko Lamp  I first imagined a caterpillar casting light around it. It may be the nice but unusual design that makes it look like a caterpillar hanging from the ceiling with one end on the floor. It is basically made of five rings that are connected to each other and then hang from the ceiling. Each ring has a nice and shiny light bulb in the middle spreading light all around it. The rings can be made of wood (ebony or maple) or can even be chrome plated, which gives them even more elegance and spark.

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Giuko 5 Floor Lamp1View in gallery

The mounting used for fixing the lamp to the floor and ceiling is made of aluminum, so pretty lightweight, but sturdy enough, too. The light bulbs get fixed on opposite sides of each ring, creating an interesting but strange design. The lamp is big enough to light your living room and brings a certain bohemian touch to the room. The visual impact of the lamp is great, so you can use it as more than just a simple home accessory or lighting equipment, but rather like a beautiful way of decorating your living room. The item can be purchased from Y lighting for $1,927.80.