Unusual Furniture Can Be Good

When we think about furniture, we all have in front of our eyes at least one specific piece that we particularly like. However, when a designer like the Russian Tembolat Gugkaev thinks about furniture, the result will definitely be amazing.

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His works are more than interesting; they are unique, creative, real models of beautiful art and luxury lifestyle. What the industrial designer succeeds is to bring out the best of everything and the best is beautiful, unusual and luxurious at the same time. Nothing compares to his lovely bookcases and cabinets.

Every piece seems to be out of the ordinary, with its original shape that delights the viewers. No matter it is a combination of geometric shapes and cuts arranged in a particular way, like the tectonic bookcase, one in the form of a question mark with multipurpose or a bookcase with a built-chair providing the perfect place to read your favorite book or the cut shelves that seem to reveal another universe.

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All these furniture pieces seem to belong to a different world, where unusual forms and combinations of furniture make the rule. These elements announce a new period in the field of design, a new beginning and even a new world, one in which beauty and harmony are the essence; these pieces of furniture are part of a beautiful space, which reveals the good part of life and the fact that unusual details can be the best option.